Mobile Application

It consists of a wallet and various functions used to exchange energy. Users can get started by creating a crypto wallet through the mobile application or importing a seed (12-words) from an existing crypto wallet.

Crypto wallet built-in

Digital assets exchanger

Energy Control and monitoring

Available on

Google Play

What is

Energy Exchanger ?

Energy Exchanger or ENX is a physical exchange point for energy. Users can scan the QR code at the device using a mobile app or a web app to get started immediately, using KAP Token as a medium of exchange. The energy exchange rate is 1 KAP per kWh.

Web Application

Users can access the Kapacitor platform through a Web3 browser such as opera mobile, metamask, or another browser with a wallet extension installed and make transactions for trading energy or checking the amount of kap token, kWh, or another thing like a mobile application.

Connect wallet and Exchange

Energy Control and monitoring

Kapacitor © 2024 is an energy exchange where buyers get cheap energy and sellers charge high prices.

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