A better way to Exchange or Store Energy

In the future, the platform will connect to the grid to store energy in the form of digital tokens which can be exchanged for electricity as needed

Get started

Now the prototype device (Node Energy Exchanger) has been created and is in the midst of testing. Those who maintain possession of the node will be rewarded with System Rewards.


After the test is completed, 4,000 Node-participants will be recruited. Further information on the recruitment will be announced later.

How to use

This energy exchange system uses a KAP token as a medium. During the testing phase, anyone interested can participate by requesting a KAP token and exchanging it for the right to use electricity through this dApp. Afterward, the electric energy will be provided via Node Energy Exchanger.

Node Energy Exchanger

By scanning the QR code on Metamask Browser, the energy will be instantly released by the Node Energy Exchanger.

Open System

A platform where everyone can participate at any time, whether energy receiving or energy storage, we can do it ourselves.

Fair and verifiable

The node exchanger's system operates under a network of Polygon Matic blockchain where transactions can be viewed transparently. Each of transaction can be verified whether it be exchanging, transferring energy or converting digital tokens into energy (or vice versa).

Kapacitor © 2023 is an energy exchange where buyers get cheap energy and sellers charge high prices.

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